Roger Tabor

Roger Tabor is a TV presenter, naturalist, biologist, behaviourist and award-winning author.

He is best known for his ground-breaking series "Cats" which was filmed around the world.  As a biologist, he is recognised as one of the world's leading authorities on cats.

Roger Tabor CBiol FSB MPhil FCFBA HonFBNA FLS is a Fellow of the Canine & Feline Behavioural Association, a consultant feline behaviourist and does undertake home visits, usually via vet referral, or from owners who have been advised by their vet to seek specialist behavioural consultation for feline problem behaviour.

Roger is known for a wide range of activities, but he is best known as the TV Catman & Naturalist. He is one the most respected and sought after experts in the world in relation to cats, their behaviour, psychology and relationships with people. He has written a number of books on cats and their behaviour and one on dog behaviour.

Roger started his TV career on the BBC's Animal Magic, co-presenting alongside the legendary Johnny Morris, (including a Galapagos Special from the Pacific). Roger presented the BBC's Country File for 2 years before presenting and writing his widely acclaimed BBC TV series Cats that was filmed over 3 years in 14 countries. It was shown worldwide, and accompanied by his best-selling book Cats - the Rise of the Cat.

That series and book explored the origins of the domestic cat, its geographical spread, and current changes in the lives of cats. It initiated the public debate about ‘designer’ breeding.

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