Pam Hardy & Nigel Andrews

Pamela Hardy, Club secretary and Head of coaching for Braintree Bowmen.

Pam took up archery in 2008 and quickly developed her skills, winning many tournaments across East Anglia.  Qualifying as a coach in 2010, her natural enthusiasm for the sport led to her developing her coaching skills and taking on the role of head coach during 2012.  Since then, Pam has led the coaching team to deliver a range of courses covering all aspects of archery to a wide variety of audiences, both able-bodied and disabled.  Pam works full time for a major archery retailer and is very well known for her knowledge and teaching ability in both Essex and across East Anglia and the South of England.  Pam recently received the Braintree and District Sports coach of the Year Award in 2016.

Nigel Andrews, Braintree Bowmen club chairman and coach.

Nigel has been involved in teaching sports for the last 30+ years.  He took up archery in 2008 and became club Chairman in 2011.  Since then he has been involved with delivering training, running club competitions and delivering teaching sessions to many schools in the greater Braintree area.  Under his leadership, the club has flourished and established itself as one of the best archery clubs in Essex.  The club now has a large membership including archers of all levels of ability.  It provides a special focus for junior members and is seen as the club for under 18s to join.  Nigel has a great interest in history which enables him to give many presentations on the significant contribution the bow and arrow has made in the development of England.  Nigel recently received the Braintree and District Sports Un-Sung-Hero Awared 2016 for his work with Braintree Bowmen.