Pam Evans

About Pam Evans

Pam works as a registered and accredited counsellor and uses mindfulness as part of her work with people who have high levels of stress and anxiety. Before becoming a counsellor, Pam worked as a registered general nurse for many years and still draws on her nursing knowledge in her work.

Recognising the benefits of mindfulness for all, Pam has recently begun to teach everyday mindfulness to a wide range of people.

Pam uses her passion for the natural landscape in her mindfulness sessions, and is experienced in taking people of all ages and abilities out walking. She sees how walking, and being out in the countryside brings a sense of calm and provides healing. As we are required to use our senses and be aware of our environment when walking outdoors, this is the perfect setting for being mindful and being human. Pam is excited to help you to discover the benefits of this increased awareness.