Nigel Hughes

Nigel is a London University science graduate.  Following completion of postgraduate studies in Scientific Research and Education, he worked in a number of scientific posts before embarking on a career in civil aviation as aircrew.  He flew as a jet captain for KLM as well as being a commercial flying instructor and flight examiner with over 10,000 flying hours.  After completing his flying career, Nigel worked in ICT, Business Training and Personal Development, becoming a consultant in leadership, motivation and personal development.  Currently he specialises in behaviour management, educational support and special education needs.

Nigel has been dowsing for five years and is a fellow research worker with Geoffrey Crockford, who developed the Paramagnetic and Dia-magnetic Theory of Dowsing, which successfully explains why dowsing works.  Based on rational and logical thinking, research shows it can be used as a powerful analytical tool, having many applications.

His dowsing research interests include pre-roman history and archaeology, health and wellbeing and natural earth energies, such as those associated with water, trees and the earth's atmosphere.  His goal is to enter dowsing research full time.