Nick Miller

Nick Miller lives in Assington and is a member of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and Botanical Society of the British Isles.  He studied Biology at York University.  Nick has mostly lived in the countryside and his early interest was fuelled by the I-Spy books!  His main projects are a local nature reserve, and collecting records for the forthcoming Suffolk Flora Atlas.   Botany is becoming more important than ever with climate change, world food issues and genetic engineering of crops.

Nick's interest in CELTIC ART began with collecting Welsh and Irish mythology and poetry from the time of the sixth century.  Nick was brought up in Monmouthshire, and then settled in Assington where his relatives had moved from Wales in 1916.  His admiration for Celtic art, stonecarving and metalwork is for it's heroic and romantic nature, and also it's esoteric and harmonious qualities.  Celtic Art is one of the world's most perfect and enduring art forms, with a continuity from the Rock Art of the Stone Age to the present.