Neil Luxton

Neil has over 30 years experience of stone carving, apprenticed to his father for seven years, who taught him hand-carved lettering.   His father was apprenticed to a man who was apprenticed to Eric Gill.  Neil was a journeyman after that, working all over the country doing monumental carving and architectural work in the City of London, where he spent ten years.  He has run his own business since he was 20 years old.  Commissions include work on Harrods, The Old Bailey and many memorials for celebrities.   He has been the in-house carver/mason for the world famous Highgate Cemetery in North London for the past nineteen years, where he continues to design and carve many interesting and unique memorials.

Neil moved to Suffolk 18 years ago where he currently has his own studio employing staff, including an apprentice, Tim Wright,  who has trained with him for the last 18 months, passing on his vast knowledge and skill, carving everything from bespoke memorials to house names, architectural lettering and renovation.  After so many years of doing all this he still has a passion for designing and lettering.

For examples of the work Neil does, please look at his website

Tim Wright

Tim started his career at Moulton College in Northamptonshire where he studied architectural stone masonry, graduating in 2011, and currently apprenticed to Neil in letter-carving, sculpture, and conservation and restoration of monuments for English Heritage.