Matthew Rooney

Matthew's business is called Gourmet Mushrooms (UK) Limited

Gourmet Mushrooms started growing lignicolous mushrooms in 1996 at Morants Farm Great
Bromley in north Essex. We collect local wild mushrooms and bring them into cultivation. We
currently grow a range of our own local oyster mushrooms, white cloud mushroom and our own
local reishi mushroom.

In the early years we sold to restaurants, eventually supplying all of the 2 and 3 Michelin Star
restaurants in London. Now most of our produce is sold at Farmers Markets in London on our
MushroomTable where we connect directly with our customers. We also produce a range of
mushroom growing kits for lignicolous fungi.

Alongside mushroom growing we also forage for wild plants and mushrooms when in season. We
also run Foraging Workshops in Essex and Suffolk in association with Seasonal Suffolk and the
Wild-Light Project.

Gourmet Mushrooms was founded by brothers Matthew and William Rooney. Matthew studied
Ecology at university. After graduating he spent several years as a botanical surveyor before moving
on to mushroom cultivation. William studied Environmental Science at university. After graduating
he worked for several years in marine surveying and later ran his own building company before
moving on to mushroom cultivation. Foraging for mushrooms to grow has led onto Foraging
Workshops in both wild plants and fungi.

Gourmet Mushrooms (UK) Limited