Linda Leighton

Linda Leighton has been a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher for many years.  She has trained extensively with the British Wheel of Yoga and continues to do so.  She follows the classical and ancient yogic teachings.  She is qualifid teacher in adult education and teaches yoga for the West Suffolk College, as well as privately in and around the local community.

Linda is a complementary therapist who truly loves her work.  She also regards her clients with the greatest respect.  Embarking upon the journey of healing and person transformation requires courage.

Lind'a work is supported by her spiritual belief that all life and living has a purpose.  Awareness of higher forces at work in our lives can have a profound effect on how we give meaning to our  experiences in the past, present and future.

Being a holistic therapist, Linda takes the time to understand the unique needs of each of her clients.  Rather than purely treating symptoms, she explores the potential causes of the disease, tensin and ill-health, thereby uncovering and resolving the root of each problem.  A truly preventative approach to health-care.

Linda's role is to assist clients in their journey back to well-being through self-knowledge, inner peace and self-awareness.  Without self-awareness we are like a castle with an open door, potentialy strong and yet still vulnerable to harmful and invasive influences.  Counselling and healing form the heart of Linda's work and serve as the catalyst for drawing in the energy which is needed at that point in time.  Whilst many longstanding problems can be resolved to great effect, the path back to health and well-being can take time and rarely happens overnight.  Patience and a positive mental attitude are always gently encouraged.