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John French

John French, BSc, PhD,  is based at UEA and has used traditional photography professionally and also as an interest throughout his career in academia and in business.

Pretty well everything John does relates to sustainability and the environment in some way.  As an interest he has built up a collection of vintage and classic cameras which he uses on a daily basis in preference to digital image making. John has a passion for East Anglia’ local history and architecture and in particular to explore this through traditional photographic techniques as practiced by famous historical artists and photographers of the Broads such as Emerson.

Courses by this Tutor
  • 25 December 2017
    9 - 5
    £210 inc. loan of equipment and materials

    Explore traditional black and white photography on vintage and antique cameras using the landscape and architecture of Assington Mill as an artistic subject to capture. Enjoy taking your own photographs on a selection of folding large and medium format cameras and then developing your own...