Jane Sen

Jane Sen has designed a unique and very effective style of creative healthy eating. Using really fresh whole foods she has developed delicious recipes to inspire a passion for life and bring you energy and well being.

Much of the information available on the subject of diet and health can be confusing and, sadly, conflicting. Jane’s clear and down to earth approach will help to clarify many of the areas that can often obstruct us when we are thinking of making the change towards a healthy, enjoyable style of eating.

Cuisine Vivante a new approach which indulges a passion for food, a love of cooking and all the pleasures of kitchen-table friendships. This innovative approach to healthy cooking will:-

²           Introduce you to the vitality and excitement of  cooking with delectable recipes to serve as inspiration

²           Support a healthy lifestyle and promote well being

²           Sustain optimum body weight

²           Embrace holistic and environmental aspects

²           Help prevent and manage  disease

²           Help speedy recovery from illness

Jane Sen was Consultant Executive Chef and Dietary advisor to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre for 14years, has published four cookery and health books,  and was the first to win the BBC Radio 4 food programme award for an 'outstanding contribution to healthy eating'. She regularly broadcasts on TV. and Radio.

Jane has combined her 35 years of experience as a professional chef with up to date research into the power of nutrients to combat illness and maintain good health.  She is passionate about food and the many ways in which it delights, heals and supports us.