Jan Scarlett

Jan Scarlett’s interest in all things creative started at very early age . This has included dress making spinning, knitting, drawing and painting which lead to a degree in Fashion and Textiles, specialising in weaving and knitting in Brighton.

She has taught in Adult education and at present she teaches Art and Textiles in a local High School.  Her work has also included bespoke historical costumes and bridal wear, and she has exhibited her landscape painting at various galleries around Ipswich.

After 10 years of weaving willow baskets Jan discovered rush and fell in love with qualities of this medium.  Her aim is to restore the interest in this almost forgotten craft with the support of the Heritage Craft Assoc.  Alongside making baskets and hats she is researching museum pieces and recreating them so that they can be made again and taught to others.

Over the years Jan has taught across the Art spectrum and can teach many Art and craft subjects