Hannah Taylor

From an early age I can always remember both my grandmothers and my mother making chutneys and jams.  Despite the fact that we lived in town, as a family we would drive to the local pick-your-own fruit farm and pick seasonally the fruits that were on offer.  Today of course this has become terribly trendy, but to us it was the norm!


Having married a dairy farmer, and finding myself with some ground to work with, apple trees and fruit bushes were the first crops planted.  When not milking the cows, I began to use well-worn family recipes and, as the family grew, they too picked fruit and veg for us all to bottle and jar.  Now, as well as feeding the family, I stock the farm shop with more than twenty-five varieties of jams and chutneys using home and local grown produce.

Lower Dairy Farm, Nayland