Darren Clarke

Darren has a life long interest in history and archaeology and started field walking with his grandfather on local farms from the age of five. He had his first metal detector ten years later and has been pacing the arable fields of Suffolk and Essex ever since.

Some spectacular finds have come his way, many now to be seen in local museums but his greatest discovery is always 'the next one out there'. He worked out long ago that the metal detector is just part of the tool box of the keen local historian. By researching extensively in the Records Office, poring over old maps and taking on board local tales and folklore, farm surveys needn't be a long, foot slogging task out in the colder seasons of the year. With this concise and informative course he intends to give you the benefits of his experience, that have seen him win numerous detecting awards and write for both The Searcher and Treasure Hunting magazines.

Seeking out the losses of yesterday can help explain the journey that brings us to the modern villages of today.