Craig Fellowes

Craig Fellowes has over 30 years experience in dealing with wildlife laws as a police officer, and over 15 years delivering training to over 1000 police officers, and police staff, from all over the UK.  He set up the Wildlife Training Consultancy to enable the continued support for the need to protect our wildlife, be it national or international species.  Education plays a key part in that and not only for the envorcement agencies and supporting agencies, but most importantly the general public as well.  Craig will teach you how to give advice and carry out site visits.

Craig has run and managed the nationally accredited Police wildlife Crime Officers Foundation Course since 1997.  This is the only course of its kind within the UK.  He has delivered training overseas, addressed conference and presented seminars in other countries.  He has worked in partnership with the UK Border Agency on the trade in endangered species, and assisted in reviewing legislation and regulations.  He has been involved in a number of badger cases over the years, acting as a competent witness in such related cases.

Craid has recently delivered training to some wildlife trusts, wardens, hawk and owl trust, BAWC, RSPB, along with some of their very valuable volunteers, in wildlife crime awareness. He has led training sessions at the Natural History Museum, for tree surgeons, pest controllers, and currently in discussions, with several other wildlife trusts, and even as far a field to Cornwall.