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Chris Riley

Chris Riley is an experienced scythesman and scythe trainer. From hay harvest to reed cutting, Chris has a wide-ranging expertise in the use of the scythe, and has appeared as a scything extra in films. He has won awards for 'quality' mowing in competitions, and also enjoys exploring ways of making one's own 'snath' (the scythe handle) using a variety of materials.

Chris is committed to the promotion of the scythe, as a prime example of a low tech, low carbon alternative, and is membership secretary of the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland. His background is in nature reserve management, and in the instruction of volunteer groups.


Courses by this Tutor
  • 13 May 2018
    9 - 5
    £110 including use of tools and all refreshments
    Scything is a "green" way of cutting grass, nettles, brambles, and paths between borders and allotments, without the use of heavy machinery and fossil fuel.  In a recent competition, a person using a scythe mowed more than a person using a strimmer, in a given time.You will be learning...