Chainsaws for amateurs

Does someone in your family own and use a chainsaw?  Has s/he had any proper training?  If not, s/he really needs some instruction to avoid a serious injury.  Neil Reekie, the tutor, is an assessor on professional courses and a working tree surgeon.  Click on his name above to see more about him.

Get ready for all the winter work:  maintenance of the chainsaw, cutting firewood, removing fallen or dead trees and felling unwanted trees etc.  Your tutor is Neil Reekie, who runs his own tree surgery business and is one of the local assessors for those who use chainsaws professionally.  Click on his name above to see more about him.  He will guide you through maintenance, sharpening and the proper use of this dangerous tool.

The one-day course is designed for amateurs who either already own a chainsaw or who are thinking of buying one.  Certificates will not be given.

You will not be able to use your chainsaw on trees personally on the course  (too difficult to supervise; lack of protective clothing, health and safety etc.) but you will be able to watch Neil demonstrate the various techniques during the day.  You can find chainsaw courses for professionals on the internet, but they will cost a lot more, and take several days.

When this course is full but you can ask to go on the reserve list by emailing [email protected] with your name and mobile number.


  • Maintaining a chain saw: cleaning, lubrication etc.
  • Sharpening
  • Safety
  • Techniques for felling trees - demonstration by Neil
  • Safety equipment and clothing



The whole experience was a joy to be involved with.  Please pass on my thanks to Neil as well.  I only wish I’d managed to get onto the course years ago!  Hope to see you again.  Viv M

A really useful day to prepare the novice in handling a chainsaw.  Good fun and amazing food!  Steve H.

The course was great - really informative and well taught.  Thanks, Sally

Inspirational place.  Very useful and practical course.

I am relieved not to have got wet and to have all limbs intact.  Thanks for your hospitality and a great day.

Excellent course.  Good balance of demonstration and application by course participants.  Enough content for two courses:  one on chainsaw maintenance, another on using the saw.

Excellent tuition and great food, lovely welcome.  James W.

I have learned a lot and would come back again.

Lots of information, very well presented.  (Lovely food and welcome as always.)

Excellent instruction, great course, fab lunch – thanks and see you again.  Hugh

A fabulously practical day, packed with the information I signed up for.  Thank you for providing the perfect venue with such a delicious lunch.  Katy B.

Excellent day, good content and knowledge for my level of ability.  Top marks.  Thank you.

Interesting and enjoyable.  Excellent catering.  Thank you.

I am relieved not to have got wet and to have all limbs intact.  Thanks for your hospitality and a great day.


Fantastic course and learnt so much.


Neil Reekie
Sunday, 4 November, 2018

Times9 - 4


What to Bring

What to Bring

  • A chainsaw if you have one (not absolutely necessary - you can borrow one)
  • The manual that came with it
  • Any safety gear you already possess, especially ear defenders for when you are watching the tutor using a chainsaw
  • Overalls/boiler suits
  • Helmets & ear defenders
  • Work boots, steel capped if you have them, or wellies for walking in woods
  • Working gloves
  • Extremely warm and waterproof clothing, hat and gloves, for watching Neil felling trees
  • Pen and notepad (essential)