Come and learn to lay hedges the Suffolk way, from a real Suffolk man!  Click on Neil's name above to see more about him.

Hedgelaying is a traditional way of making a hedge stock proof, i.e. cutting and weaving and tying the branches so that the end result is an impenetrable fence.  This will be a day out in the fresh air doing manual work. It is absolutely essential that you bring the equipment listed below, as this is a practical course, with only a short introductory talk.

What to bring:

  • Strong boots/wellies, preferably with steel toecaps
  • Old clothes
  • Gloves - hedgelaying or welders with long arms
  • Billhook, but  NOT with back blade (too dangerous to use on the course)
  • Pruning saw or bowsaw (pointed end), preferably with "greenwood" blade
  • Sharpening stone
  •  VIP - please check that your tetanus innoculation is up to date!


Hedging:  A Practical Handbook

BTCV Practical Handbooks, Alan Brooks & Elizabeth Agate (online from BTCV).

  • Comments from participants:
    It was very enjoyable, interesting and rewarding day, and led very adeptly and skilfully by Alan with his mischevous humour and candour, and of course his great expertise.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect, lunch and refreshments were glorious and the setting stunning:  a really enjoyable day.  Thank you so much.  I just hope our enthusiasm, inexperience and naivety didn't render untold damage to your hedges!  David
    A delightful tutor who luckily took us onto site without much time being spent on theory.
    Fantastic place and can't wait to come back and do another course.  Was made to feel very welcome and the food was fantastic.

    Many thanks for the hedgelaying course on Saturday.  Very informative and good fun.  Great food as well.  Very enjoyable all round.  Robert B.

    A great, well organised day.  Jonathan H.

    Tutor (Neil Catchpole) very interesting and very good.

    Really enjoyed myself.  Food was great.  Mark D


Thank you so much for a super day . I had a lovely day, Neil was a delightful tutor and I found the whole group a delight. You are certainly the best of hosts, a lovely warm home and delicious food - and that Bullace Gin, I shall be out there tomorrow gathering the last of the fruits off my tree to make my own.  Deborah S.

The only thing to moan about is that the day went too quickly.  Very good course, good content well put across.  All in all very good value for money.

He’s no Cliff Richards.  [This could refer to Neil's rendering of a traditional folksong to round up the day.]

A wonderful and friendly day.  Thank you.  Sophie W

Very enjoyable day and wonderful location. Keith C

Great course.  Enjoyed everything.  Colin T

Thank you very much indeed!  Nick

What a fantastic day at a wonderful venue with great people.  Thoroughly enjoyed.  Only complaint is the day went too quickly.  Thank you to Bob, Anne & Neil.  Danny T.

Excellent course and fantastic location.  The numbers on the course were perfect.  We learnt a lot in a day and will put it all to good use.  Thank you very much.  Andrew I.

Amazing day full of practical knowledge.  Learnt everything I wanted to know to duplicate at home.  Food great too – fantastic.  Sally C.











Neil Catchpole
Saturday, 3 November, 2018

Times9.00 - 4.30


What to Bring

  • Strong boots or wellies
  • Old clothes, hat & work gloves.  Welders gloves are useful as they protect your arms.
  • Loppers/ bilhook
  • Pruning saw and/or
  • Bow saw with a pointed end and a "greenwood" type blade