Jam and chutney-making - harvest in a jar

Learn some tricks of the trade from professional jam-maker Hannah Taylor!  (Click on her name to see more about her.)

On this one-day course, you will make a raspberry jam and a beetroot chutney, and learn the principles of jam-making and bottling along the way.

Please look carefully at the What to Bring list below, as you will need all of it.  Hannah says that ingredients don't have to be exact, but this is a good start.

Course content:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Jam making basics:  sugar, sterlisation of jars, what size pans, commercial jam/homemade jam
  • Make the jam
  • Begin prep for chutney
  • Lunch
  • Chutney discussion and making
  • Introduction to jellies and tasting
  • Recipe books
  • Round up

Comments from past students:

A very knowledgeable tutor, and plenty of time and encouragement to ask questions.  We went away with ten pots of jams and chutneys and the courage to go on making them.  Excellent!  Julie B.

Always enjoy the courses here.  Graham B.

The leader's presentation was excellent, clear, hands on, informative and she answered questions.  I learnt the skills I wanted to learn.  Beautiful, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.  A well run course, lovely lunch and cups of tea.  Really pleased with what I learnt.  Very good introduction.  Thank you!  Helen

The course was very good and made for an enjoyable day.  As a beginner to jam and chutney-making I found that there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and for discussion.  This was helped by the fact that we were only a small group.  I certainly wasn't expecting to be able to bring quite so much of the finished products home with me! For complete beginners it might be useful in the what to bring info to be more exact about type of sugar as there were several different types,  e.g. preserving,  high pectin,  low pectin and also whether the apples should be cooking or eating ones. However it didn't really matter as the course was more relaxed than I had expected and the amount of ingredients could be modified to suit. I would happily come on another course at the Mill.  Wynne L.
I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the course on Sunday; I thought Hannah was really engaging with the group - it made for an enjoyable day. The course has certainly given me the
 confidence to make more and I've already been making some more chutney this week.  I have now found some elderberries and have since picked 1kg of them so will be making
 something with those; thank you for your help.  I would certainly be recommending the courses at Assington and can't wait to come back to attend another course. The whole setting
 made for an enjoyable day.  Claire B.

Very good lunch and scones. Really enjoyable course with a friendly teacher.

Thank you so much.  Really enjoyed the course and it is a beautiful setting.

Brilliant, loved it.  Thank you!

Very knowledgeable tutor.  Excellent all round.  Feb lunch.  Tutor very helpful and clearly knew her stuff!  Thank you very much.

Wonderful course.  Many thanks.

Very enjoyable and informative!  Excellent presentation.





Hannah Taylor
Friday, 7 September, 2018

Times10 - 4.30


What to Bring

2 large heavy-bottomed saucepans

Wooden spoons

Vegetable knives for preparation and chopping

Chopping boards and measuring jugs

6 x 1lb jam jars (or more just in case you get carried away!)

1 kg of raspberries (you can freeze your crop as it arrives, or buy frozen or fresh ones for the day)

1 kg of jam sugar (red packet)

1.4 kg beetroot

700g apples

2 onions

600ml distilled malt vinegar

500g sugar

1 lemon

Some powdered ginger

Scales if you have them.

Ladle, funnel and a peeler