Dowsing in the summertime - field work

Dowsing in a Day (click on the tutors' names, Nigel Hughes & Geoff Crockford, above to see something about them.  This course is designed for those who already have some experience of dowsing, but also beginners.  We will aim to reveal the boundaries and form of the prehistoric village here at Assington Mill.  The site is now used by us as a car park!

The course is introduced with the phenomenon that  ancient archaeology leaves a detailed memory in the ground that dowsing can mark out in great detail. The energy comes from chemicals in the ground laid down like a stencil due to events and activities in and on the ground. If the ground is undisturbed the energy remains for thousands of years and we will be the first ones to see the prehistoric village in all of this time. Once physically marked out further aspects of dowsing can be employed to explore this hidden world of the past. Be prepared for surprises.

Dowsing, the response to unconscious or subliminal energies in our environment, covers a whole range of activities such as healing, including crystal healing, Feng Shui, Chakras, auras, earth energies and, anything that involves tuning into the subliminal energies around us. 

Dowsing is a sense that can be developed by most people.  Once dowsing skills are developed you are off into another world; a world that can take your breath away with what it reveals. 

Some people are very sensitive to and respond readily to the energies, others have to practice before acquiring the skill. 

This day’s prime objective is to develop fundamental dowsing responses using L rods and understand what they mean and tell you.

For the more technical and scientific minded responses and the energy that triggers them are explained based on a simple scientific model where the humans have a magnetic sensory system stimulated by a lesser known form magnetic energy Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism

This Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Theory of dowsing underpins a powerful methodology to analyse and use these energies called Biolocation established since 1994. (

Once dowsing using L rods, a number of applications of dowsing are introduced. These include:

  • Water divining, locating underground streams rivers and even underground pipes and cables.
  • Beneath your feet you will find energies from roads buildings and culture that existed before the Romans arrived. You will learn how to see the past as it really was
  • Analysing the human aura
  • Investigating and managing the effect of earth and environmental energies on the body
  • Dowsing Energy fields from space.
  • Using dowsing as a means of communication

Full course notes and materials are provided with tuition by experienced dowsers

We are surrounded by a vast invisible sea of energy full of information.

The day opens the gate onto a new world with new discoveries awaiting everyone.


Amazed at how many aspects there are to this.

Enjoyable and fascinating introduction to huge area of knowledge.  Thank you.  Paul P.

Very pleased that I was able to do it.  Lovely lunch/catering.  Thank you.  Susan

Absolutely perfect – couldn’t fault anything.  Very interesting course, hosts and set up amazing!



Geoff Crockford & Nigel Hughes
Saturday, 16 June, 2018

Times10 - 4.30


What to Bring

Please bring your dowsing rods or, failing that, a couple of metal coat hangers and two plastic biros

Warm and waterproof clothing, including hat

Wellies or strong boots

Sunhat if necessary