Hands on the (bee) Hive



An afternoon with Simon Cousins inspecting his beehives and learning how to find the queen, identify drones and workers and the different brood chambers.  You will be issued with the full set of special bee clothing, but you do need to bring some other items yourself (see below).

This course will only make sense if you have already done the Beekeeping for Beginners one-day course, or had some previous experience.

This is a small class, so early booking is advisable.


I attended the hands on the hive session last Sunday and thought it was brilliant! It was a lovely day, there were only five of us and we looked at plenty of hives. The bees were placid, which helped, as this was the first time I had been surrounded by bees. We all felt confident with Simon 's guidance, and we saw eggs, larvae, bees emerging, queen cells, drone cells, one queen and all the other types. It was really informative, and I felt I had learnt a lot, which is just as well as I took possession of a swarm yesterday!  Rebecca G.

Good content of material and instruction.  Follows on well from theory course.

Really interesting and very hands on as hoped for.  Trevor S.







Simon Cousins - bees
Saturday, 12 May, 2018

Times2.30 - 5.00


What to Bring

What to Bring


A peaked cap

Two pairs of socks