Introduction to Mindfulness

Every Day Mindfulness – an introduction to mindfulness and basic mindfulness techniques for your daily life.

This course will give you an informal introduction to mindfulness, what it is and what it is not, why everyone is talking about it and how you can use it.

In our busy lives, there are many demands on us. When we do stop, and sit down, our heads are still busy. Using television or other screens simply distract rather than relax us. Practicing mindfulness enables us to slow down our helter-skelter rush through life. Mindfulness provides us with still moments and helps to maintain our emotional wellbeing. These calm and restful moments are energising, nourishing and refreshing. The mindfulness techniques you will learn will help you to stop your chattering thoughts, approach and use stress positively and respond thoughtfully to events rather than react to them.

Have you ever wondered what "mindfulness", a requently-used term, really means?  This one day course is designed as a one off introductory session. You will discover how mindfulness works and why it is useful. You will learn simple mindfulness tips and techniques and explore how you can easily build them into your daily routine.

The day will include

  • How we react to stress and learning to manage stress
  • Becoming aware of the present moment
  • Getting in touch with our senses and the world around us
  • Remembering, and not stressing about, where you put your keys, phone, or parked your car…….
  • Reducing head chatter and anxious thoughts
  • Tips on eating mindfully
  • Exploring the mind body connection
  • Strategies for sleeping well
  • Skilful listening and responding
  • Mindful meditation

The day will include a short mindful walk, during which you will learn about and experience the many aspects of mindfulness.

This course has a secular base; it is suitable for anyone, from any faith or none, and from any background and occupation, wishing to learn about and experience mindfulness.


Pam Evans
Saturday, 17 March, 2018

Times10 - 4.30


What to Bring

A notebook and pen (this is for individual note taking, course notes will be provided)

A beautiful object from nature, nothing too big, a leaf, shell, feather, pebble,  something you are drawn to

Some comfortable indoor footwear, slippers or thick woolly socks

We will be going for a short walk in the afternoon, so please wear something comfortable to walk in and bring clothing to keep you warm and dry whilst out.  Wellies are recommended so that we can make the most of the beautiful countryside around Assington Mill.