Bike maintenance for amateurs - basic and hands-on

This is a one-day course on basic bike maintenance,  The aim is to give you the knowledge and confidence to successfully diagnose and repair faults so that you can get the most out of your bike.   Could be of use to triathletes.

NB  We have decided to restrict the numbers on this course for practical reasons, so early booking is recommended.


  • introduction on bike types, tools,equipment and terminology
  •  general safety inspection of the bike
  •  removal of wheels
  • puncture repair
  •  tube replacement
  •  tyre replacement
  •  tyre pressure
  • brake adjustment
  • gear adjustment
  • cleaning your bike, grease and lube
  • pedal types, removal and attachment, shoes
  •  bearing adjustment (wheel & headset)
  •  chain stretch, wear, replacement along with rings and sprockets
  •  bar tape / grips renewal
  • requests of the group 


Exceeded all expectations.

Such knowledge and confidence.  Friendly easy presentation.  Felt comfortable asking stupid questions.  Delicious food.

Excellent teaching.  Perhaps trying to divide himself between too many people.

Packed a lot in very successfully.

Good level of detail but impossible to cover everything in one day.  Lots of neat tips and tricks.

Very ambitious content.  Difficult to cover with varied group needs.  Worked for me well. Breige

I wonder if Graeme could split the course into two days:  1. What you need to know to keep your bike on the road what to do when out on the road – punctures, quick fixes, basic maintenance and cleaning and what to look out for.  In other words for people who will go to the bike shop for most things.  2.  What you need to know when in your garage at home – proper maintenance [see next year]..

Thank you so much for your hospitality at the bicycle maintenance course last Sunday. It was immensely enjoyable and I learnt a great deal. Your food and drink was delicious. Graham was the most effective and enthusiastic teacher. If if he is doing further courses would it be possible for you to let me know as my husband would have really enjoyed it.

We were lucky to have only five course members as there was plenty of time to cater for everyone’s needs.  Graeme was an excellent course tutor – patient and clear.  The food was fantastic.  Thank you.


Graeme Knott
Saturday, 25 November, 2017

Times10 - 5


What to Bring

  • A bike - an old one is better than a new one
  • Allen keys
  • A work stand if you have one
  • Overalls/old clothes
  • Strong shoes (there is no tarmac on the farm)