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Archery - an introduction

4 June 2017
£85 per person, including home-made lunch, biscuits, cakes etc.
10 - 4
5 / 12
The course will provide attendees with an introduction to the ancient sport of toxophily (archery). Participants will learn the basic skills and safety requirements for using a bow and arrows to hit targets set at various distances.  Two styles of loosing arrows will be taught during the event, Barebow – a style similar to that used by Robin Hood and the more complex but more accurate Freestyle when arrows are loosed using a bow fitted with a sighting mechanism.
Archery is not a sport based on physical strength but is based on posture, breathing and technique making it suitable for everyone from children over 8 to adults over 80.   The focus of the course is to build correct archery techniques in each participant the course will be largely practical giving each person the opportunity to loose a significant number of arrows during the tuition.  The instructors will cover many of the skills and techniques required to shoot well, additionally showing some of the specialist bows available and covering some of the historical battles where bows played a significant role, Crecy, Agincourt etc.  

If you have ever dreamed of being Robin Hood or perhaps Maid Marion then this is the course for you.

General Background   Braintree Bowmen have 6 fully qualified coaches, each holding a nationally recognised archery teaching qualification, have advanced DRB certification and hold Child and Vulnerable Adult certificates.  All our coaches spend a lot of time teaching archery not only at the club but in the wider community including; school visits giving talks and have-a-go sessions, working with scout/guide units, we are the resident archery coaches at the Chelmsford Sports Centre and provide tuition to a wide range of charities, Torchlight, Red Balloon, Essex Social services.  The club delivers training to over three hundred potential archers each year as well as running extensive in-club courses for adults and juniors.   It is likely that for this event our head coach Pam Hardy and I will attend.  Pam has just been award the Braintree Coach of the Year award for her work with children and the disadvantaged.   Braintree Bowmen and Junior Bowmen Archery Club is one of the largest and oldest archery clubs in Essex, founded in 1952 and with a current membership of over 130.  The membership includes two current national champions, 6 archers who feature in the Essex county team and 3 archers being trained by the national coaching team for places in the next Olympics.  

The club has a reputation for its open friendly atmosphere welcoming all levels of archer; it is also known for its outstanding catering.



All provided by the tutors.

What to Bring

What to wear?  Depending upon the weather, attendees should wear close fitting clothing to avoid you clothes getting caught by the bowstring, proper shoes, no open toe sandals, and if you have long hair bring clips or a hairband to keep it out the way.


Archery at Cressing Temple - archery course at Assington Mill
Students on an archery course
Pam Hardy instructing a student on an archery course
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Archery - an introduction 4 June 2017 10 - 4 5 / 12