Clay Ovens - June 09

A lovely day for making mud pies, and that's really what the clay oven course was about. We trod the home-grown clay (Assington Mill is in a valley with a stream running through)in wellies or with bare feet and mixed it with straw and water. Then, having made the shape of the inside of the oven with logs, then sand, and covered the lot with wet newspaper, we slapped the clay on outside to form a very thick layer, with a hole on one side for a door.

Jon Dyvig proved to be a very entertaining and popular leader for the day. His son Tom made some bread dough which he set to rise in the sun under a polythene bowl, and he baked it for elevenses in an oven Jon had made the week before. We also made and baked some ciabatta for lunch, which was absolutely delicious.

Next year's course will be on 5 June, followed by a bread-making day on 6 June.